How It Works

Elevate Human Connection to Drive Revenue

Find Common Ground
Talking points to help you build relationships and reach out at the right moment. Because people buy from people they like.
Make Your Sales Reps More Productive
Client and company data in a single pane of glass, saving reps time and helping them show up prepared.
By Sellers, For Sellers
This is a product we wish we had at Salesforce and Microsoft.

Did You Know?

Reps spend an average of 4.6 hours per week doing client research.*
Sound familiar? Spend more time selling and reduce training time with the customer data your reps need, at their fingertips.
*Time Management for Sales

People buy from people they like.

Our team has been collectively selling for over 20 years. We built Zinnia so that sales teams can more effectively find common ground with their clients to accelerate deal cycles.

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